Victorious to win!

This morning Father asked me to write down what I saw in my mind’s eye. First I saw a night sky in which the moon – it looked like a full moon – was shining through a thin layer of clouds. Underneath, everything was pitch black. From the illuminated part of the sky, I suddenly saw a rider on a white horse approaching. As he came closer, I saw that he had his sword raised in victory. And I knew that he was calling out the word ‘victory’, even though I did not hear his voice. I also knew immediately that it was Jesus himself who was sitting on the horse. I noticed that the more I looked at Him, the less I perceived the darkness. From a distance I saw that He was dressed in white. But I could not make out any details. When He came closer, I saw that His robe was white but at the same time shining golden. I also recognised a royal crown on His head, which did not represent pomp so much as His authority. The more I looked at Him, the more my heart was filled with love for Him, because He was my Lord, my best friend, my Saviour, my King. And although He was on a mission – here I kept thinking of the words from Revelation 6 “He went forth victorious to conquer” – He kept fixing His eyes on me. Very consciously. As our eyes met, this deep love flowed between us, this love that He Himself embodies, this love that changes everything and softens even the hardest hard when it touches you. Immediately, this love caused me to be filled with new strength on the one hand, and on the other hand, it caused healing of some sore points, quite incidentally, without me being aware of which points they were. It didn’t matter at all, it was simply beneficial. It amazed me so much how He managed to be focused on His mission and at the same time was able to give me His full attention again and again. This realisation touched me even more deeply and made me cry even more. Now I heard Him say: “Keep your eyes fixed on me! In me lie hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. If your eyes remain fixed on me, darkness has no power over you!” Suddenly He bent down to me and pulled me up to Himself and placed me in front of Him on His horse. His white-gold cloak enveloped me and I felt deeply safe, although I was aware that we would now ride into the darkness together. Yet it did not frighten me at all, for my place was with Him and I was secure in Him and I was deeply certain: He had long since won the victory. We would be victorious together in every challenge that would come our way. And I feel that this image is for us, His children. He wants to remind us that our place is with Him, and that it is important to be and to stay in His security and together with Him, to carry out our mission, even if the darkness increases more and more around us. When He is by our side we are safe and while we are on the path together with Him, He will lead us into situations where we bring Himself and His light into the midst of the darkness. Through this people will be touched, healed and delivered and will experience and recognise Him and turn to Him. As I write this, the verse comes to mind, “He who loves his life will lose it, but he who gives up his life for my sake will gain it!” And I feel that it is becoming more and more important to focus our lives on Him and on His mission in order to stand in the time to come.

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The Dark Room

The dark room

This morning I was praying for a sister and I asked the Father to show me her as He sees her. Suddenly the Father showed me a very beautiful big house. It reminded me of a castle. It was very grandly furnished and flooded with light. It had many large rooms with all the doors open. The Father and I were walking hand in hand. When suddenly He stopped with me in front of a room whose door was locked. He only let me have a very brief look into this room. It was a very dark room. I could see just enough to see that the room was furnished. But all the furniture was covered with black blankets and the windows were also drawn with thick heavy curtains. The father told me that this was the room where this sister had locked away her pain from past experiences because it just hurt her too much to be reminded of it. My heart was immediately filled with compassion for this sister and I felt some of her pain. I could have cried myself. And I heard the father say, “It is time. Are you ready to let me into this room?” “Are you ready to give me access to this room?” “Do you dare trust me to uncover the right things at the right time; and that I know exactly what is needed at this moment to make you whole and free?” What was interesting was that in between I couldn’t tell if this was about the sister or about me and I realised that this is a thing that affects many of us and not just this one sister.
I could feel that for some of us it was already very painful to even open that door to the Father. And I could hear and also feel a cry of pain when the sister decided to let the father in. But the very fact that the father was granted permission was the first step towards healing and liberation. I could also see that the father took His child by the hand and both entered the room together. The Father was very gentle and His mere presence already filled the room with light. Deep inside I knew that the Father would not take the covers off the furniture or the windows without the child’s consent, but would wait for the child’s consent for each piece of furniture. Already I could see that this room was beautifully furnished. Under one blanket I could see that there was a grand piano with white legs underneath. And I knew immediately that the more this child would be willing to have one blanket removed after another, and also to encounter some pain from the past once again in order to receive healing, that in the same measure, treasures would open up and new abilities and gifts would emerge.
I also felt a gentle urgency emanating from the Father. Although He did not speak at that moment, I knew that the Father wanted to move on with this child, that new things were waiting for him, but that in order to enter into the new, it was necessary to allow another process of healing and liberation by the child giving the Father access to that room.

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How nice that you found my website

I would be happy if you feel comfortable here and if one or the other impulse speaks to you, encourages you, aligns you, comforts you or builds you up.
I myself have been so blessed by countless similar impulses that other people have passed on, and I still am, that it is also on my heart to not only keep the words, impressions, experiences or sometimes even songs that I have received in prayer for myself, but also to pass them on to others and thus give God the opportunity to touch people through this.
It is on my heart to put into practice what is written in 1 Peter 4:10: And serve one another, each with the gift he has received, as good stewards of the manifold mercies of God.
It is in accordance with God’s Fatherly heart to replenish ourselves so that there is always enough for others. If we learn to live this with one another more and more, none of us will lack what we need. What a beautiful idea.
It would be a joy for me if we can also be in touch with each other in other ways, such as on Facebook or Instagram, if you like.
However, whether we ever meet or not, I wish you God’s blessings with all my heart!
Connected in Jesus, Corinna

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A word for Germany

Yesterday I heard a noise in my mind. It sounded like the sound of a triangle. When I asked the Father what the sound was, I suddenly saw a festively laid table in front of me and I saw that a man’s hand was tapping a glass with a small spoon because he wanted to make a speech. The man stood up (I couldn’t see his face, but I knew immediately that the man represented the Father in heaven) and began to speak:

‘My beloved children in Germany. I have heard your prayers. Changes are coming. Big changes are coming. At first it looks as if the opposite of your prayers will happen. But it is not so. Do you remember how desolate the world was before it was created? You can compare the current time in your country with this. At first, the chaos will increase. The pressure will increase. Over a long period of time, I have repeatedly asked you to prepare yourselves. Beloved children: “There is still a little time to prepare! But you must prepare NOW”! What this means for you in detail, you will find out in my presence. Come to me. Spend time with me. Ask me, ask me, I will answer you. I will give you strategies and ideas. Make sure you follow my instructions as Noah did. This preparation is not for you alone, but also for those who will meet you. For those who will need it in the future. It is also important that you receive prayer strategies from me. It is not the time to neglect prayer. It is time to intensify your prayer. Principalities are against your land. I will pour out the spirit of Daniel on many of you. But know this: I am in action. I am already working in the background. And I will bring another turnaround to your country. But my action is connected to your prayers, just as Daniel’s prayer paved the way for the angels to carry out what I had planned. I have told you that you are in charge of this earth and therefore take your place of authority. Ask me before you pray to have eyes to see and ears to hear. There is so much falsehood going around. Make sure you hear from me and declare these things I tell you. Be careful that you do not unite with the evil one. And remember that the spirit of deception calls evil good and good evil. Many things are not what they seem to be. Therefore, make sure that you spend time with me and hear my voice and not the voice of the media first. Is it not written that you should be vigilant that no one deceives you? Be vigilant. Your protection is to know my voice and let me work on you. Do not exalt yourselves above others and take care that your love does not grow cold.

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A few thoughts on the topic of love

Here are a few thoughts on the motto for 2024: “Let all that you do be done in love!”
1 Corinthians 16:14

The Bible describes love as follows:

1 Corinthians 13:4-8 Hfa
[4] Love is patient and kind. It is not dogged, it does not boast and does not look down on others. [5] Love does not offend decency and does not seek its own advantage; it does not allow itself to be provoked and does not bear grudges. [6] It does not rejoice in injustice, but rejoices when the truth prevails. [7] Love accepts everything, it never loses faith or hope and perseveres to the end. [8] Love will never pass away. One day there will be no more prophecies, speaking in unknown languages will cease, and the gift of recognising God’s thoughts will no longer be necessary.
You could replace the word love with God in the above text:

“God is long-suffering and kind. He is not stubborn. He does not boast and does not look down on others. He does not offend decency and does not seek his own advantage…” etc.

When I look at myself and my abilities, I already fail at the first verse. I could not use my name without restriction:” Corinna is patient and kind. ” Of course I am patient and kind sometimes. But there are also countless occasions when I’m not.

That’s why it’s very helpful for me to know that I can’t do it and I don’t have to do it. I don’t have to try to love. Even less should I expect others to love me. If anything, we should apply this standard to ourselves and not to others. I believe that everyone who is honest enough with themselves fails at one point or another. The good news is: it’s not bad to fail! God Himself, who is love, does not expect us to live up to this standard out of ourselves. He gave His Son for us so that He could be for us everything that we cannot be. When we receive Him within us, then love itself dwells within us. And the more we give Him space within us, the more we are like a channel through which His love, but also His strength, His joy, His faith, His miracles and His kindness can flow. And the more like Him we become, the less impatient we are with others or look down on others or expect others to live up to our expectations. We don’t even expect it of ourselves because we know that we can’t do it without Him anyway. This in turn brings us into His rest, His peace, reconciles us with Him, reconciles us with others and even with ourselves. I believe this is one of the reasons why the Bible says that we should become like children. A child knows that without his parents he can only do very limited things and he rests in the qualities of his parents. Little children know that their dad is the strongest person in the world and that mum and dad can fix everything if they have broken something. They discover their world and don’t worry about having to fulfil anyone else’s expectations. With this in mind, may we get to know the One who is love itself more deeply in the coming year and thus be transformed more and more into Himself.

One last thought at this point. If God Himself is love, then the verse from the annual motto could also read: “Everything you do, let it be done in God!” You could also put it like this: “Everything you do, let it be done under His guidance or out of His guidance.” In order to be led in this way, we need more closeness to Him, more intimacy, more allowing ourselves to be loved by Him. People who know they are loved will automatically love others.

That is my wish for you and me for the new year!

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A look into the eyes of Jesus

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It is time!

As I went into prayer today, I suddenly saw in my mind’s eye, to my left and right, those whom we would call the cloud of witnesses, receiving me with honour. They were clearly delighted to see me. They said things like, “We appreciate you so much. You were born for a time like this and you’ve gone through all the challenges and struggles and you’re still here and you haven’t given up!” While they were saying these things, I continued towards the throne room where Jesus and the Father were. Some of the witnesses were now kneeling down before me, some were even embracing me. And I heard the words: “People have misunderstood you and misjudged you and I myself have hidden the things I have put in you from them and even partly from yourself. Until now. Your past served to prepare you. But now is the time! My child: it is time!”

All this touched me deeply and I had to cry because so much appreciation was shown to me. In all this I continued to move towards the throne room, towards the Father and towards Jesus and with each step it became brighter and brighter. Suddenly I saw myself in a beautiful radiant white dress and around my neck I wore a red stole. I felt that the Father wanted to show me how He sees me: radiantly beautiful, precious, through the Blood of the Lamb, acceptable. And I heard the Father say, “You are chosen, you are important!” (Later, the English version of the word kept coming to my mind and I suddenly discovered that in the word important, there is the word import and I understood that it was about the Father having implanted or imported into each of us something unique, which we in turn must export. It is not for ourselves, it is to give expression to that and to give it out abundantly).

At that moment I realised that this was what the enemy had been trying to do all my life: He was always and by all means trying to rob me of my worth. But here with the Father, in His Kingdom, I was shown a great deal of esteem, so that even heavenly beings knelt down before me. Still deeply touched by all this, I suddenly saw myself kneeling before the Father’s throne and He crowned me. It was a royal crown. Immediately I remembered the verse that He crowns us with grace and mercy. At that moment Queen Esther came to my mind. I realised that at that moment all those present in the room were kneeling before the Father and before Jesus, except for two mighty angels who were standing like guards around the thrones. As I raised my head a little I now saw that to my left and right thousands of women dressed in white and wearing red stoles were kneeling and also being crowned. It was breathtaking. Each of these women was beautiful and excellent. And although we were all dressed in red and white, I saw that we were all a little different from each other. On some I saw shades of blue, on others something like gold dust. But we all had one thing in common: a deep passionate love for Jesus our King and the resulting fierce determination to give ourselves completely to Him. That in turn gave off such a beautiful gentle and at the same time very powerful atmosphere. And I couldn’t really smell it, but I knew we were all giving off a beautiful fragrance. Another thing that was noticeable was that our lips were bright red. When I asked the Lord why that was, He said, “Your words are purified by the blood of the Lamb! Therefore, your words are full of authority!” He continued speaking as He raised a golden glittering staff, “Beloved daughters: arise! Arise! Let go of the past! It is time. The fields are white for harvest! Take your place and rule with your authority given by me, each one of you in your place. I have tested you and purified you and I have found you faithful. I will put you before more!” We were all still in a daze from what had happened and there was such a beautiful, sacred bond between us. And each one of us was ready to respond to the Father’s call, each one separately and yet in absolute unity with one declared purpose: to honour Him, to honour Jesus, the King of Kings, who had laid down His life for us all so that we ourselves could live and be made whole and make Him known. And we all knew that with Him and the bond He had created between us, no thing would be impossible for us.

Addendum: I don’t know if this word stands mainly for the daughters of God or for the bride. However, I know from my own experience that the enemy has been diligent with many daughters to rob them of their value and thus their destiny. Therefore, I believe that it is on the Father’s heart that this esteem that has been shown to me, that each of His children, each of His daughters, can receive it. These words that He spoke to me, He speaks to you personally dear reader, if you receive them believingly in your heart. Each of His children is of inestimable value and if we internalise this value believingly, then the things that we compare ourselves with others and any trench warfare may stop, because only together are we strong! As I write this, the verse from Matthew 12:25 comes to mind: “If any kingdom be divided against itself, it is made desolate; and if any city or house be divided against itself, it cannot stand.

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My beloved daughter…

My beloved daughter…

My beloved daughter…

My beloved daughter, it is sooo nice that you are here again and that you take extra time for me. I enjoy these times together with you. When I look at you, I see the beauty of my creation that I have put into you. When I look at you, my heart leaps with joy. I feel the same way you do when you spend time with your children or enjoy someone you love to be with. Yes, I just love spending time with you and looking at you! You are so beautiful! Much, much more beautiful than the most beautiful flower. You are so unique and original. I love your lightness, your wit, and at the same time your depth and breadth. When I look at you I have to say: You turned out so well for me! Yes, I just enjoy you! When I look at you, I don’t see your imperfections as you see them. I see how wonderfully everything fits together with you. Yes, I also see your scars, but they are what give you your special glow. They have given you the depth and compassion that is now in your heart. Beloved, when I look at you, I see every moment of your life in you at once: what was, what is and what will be. If only you could see how much you reflect me because you have confided in me, because you have not let go of my hand, because you have let me pick you up when you have fallen, because you have followed my voice even when sometimes it has not made sense to you. There is so much of myself in you. Just as you rejoice when you see resemblances of yourself in your children, I rejoice in all that is like me when I look at you. My little one, my beautiful one, my daughter, just enjoy with me our togetherness. As you breathe in and breathe out, just be aware of my closeness, my strength, my warmth, my love for you and receive new energy, healing, comfort, release, confidence, new life and new freshness. Just receive everything you need. Receive my YES to you! Can you feel the streams of living water in you anew?

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The royal sceptre

Proverbs 18:21
Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and he who loves it will eat its fruit.

While I was in adoration before the Father, I experienced a tremendous calm. It was a remarkable calm, and for quite a while nothing moved, and I just enjoyed this peace that this calm brought, and I immediately realised that I was strengthened by it. The father said, “We are not agitated here. There is no excitement here, regardless of what is happening in the world right now. We (the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit and the heavenly hosts) have everything under control.” While he was speaking to me, he handed me a sceptre and said, “I have given you the sceptre of authority. I have called you, the people, to subdue the earth, and I have given you the authority to do so. You are called to rule.” As he spoke to me, I saw that he put a sceptre in the hands of all his children. He continued, “Use this sceptre wisely and do not be tempted to use it to cause destruction that I have not foreseen. Whenever you use it, come to me for guidance as Moses did. This sceptre is like the staff of Moses. With it comes great responsibility. Always remember that your battle is not against flesh and blood.” Now I saw that a flame of fire was poured out on each of his children. And I felt that this was the fire of authority, of the fear of the Lord, of passion and of the love of God. I also saw a jet of fire coming out of the mouths of each one, like a fire-eater, and I heard the Father go on to say, “You have not really internalised how much power your words have until now. But in this time that is coming, it is more important than ever that you understand the great power of your words. Your words can bring destruction or blessing. In fact, they should bring both blessing and destruction. Blessing for the people, destruction over the evil in the world. Therefore, do not forsake the old ways: do not condemn others, forgive that you may be forgiven, forgive others their trespasses, overcome evil with good. You stand on holy ground, and I have called you that every land on which you tread with the soles of your feet is your land. Therefore, treat it with care. Treat the people with care. I gave my own Son for the people because I love them so much, and I do not want even one to be lost. Therefore, do not abuse your gifts. Do not abuse your authority.” Then I heard him tell me to raise my sceptre and proclaim that we as a family will have enough to eat in the coming time, that we will have enough fellowship, that we will have enough financial resources. I then did so and proclaimed his provision in each of these areas. He pointed out to me that in the coming time it will be more important than ever that we take our eyes off the things that are happening in the world and fix them on Him. He said we should stay close to Him because there will be more shakings. These shakings are necessary for what really endures to endure. And if we focus on Him, we will survive these shakings. During this time, there remained this peace, this calm, this source of strength. I felt that we still have a little time to realign ourselves, to reposition ourselves, to sort out things that stand between the Father and us before the next quake comes. Let’s use this time to seek Him and clear out the things that do not honour Him and walk in His authority to make a difference in this world.

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