Victorious to win!

This morning Father asked me to write down what I saw in my mind’s eye. First I saw a night sky in which the moon – it looked like a full moon – was shining through a thin layer of clouds. Underneath, everything was pitch black. From the illuminated part of the sky, I suddenly saw a rider on a white horse approaching. As he came closer, I saw that he had his sword raised in victory. And I knew that he was calling out the word ‘victory’, even though I did not hear his voice. I also knew immediately that it was Jesus himself who was sitting on the horse. I noticed that the more I looked at Him, the less I perceived the darkness. From a distance I saw that He was dressed in white. But I could not make out any details. When He came closer, I saw that His robe was white but at the same time shining golden. I also recognised a royal crown on His head, which did not represent pomp so much as His authority. The more I looked at Him, the more my heart was filled with love for Him, because He was my Lord, my best friend, my Saviour, my King. And although He was on a mission – here I kept thinking of the words from Revelation 6 “He went forth victorious to conquer” – He kept fixing His eyes on me. Very consciously. As our eyes met, this deep love flowed between us, this love that He Himself embodies, this love that changes everything and softens even the hardest hard when it touches you. Immediately, this love caused me to be filled with new strength on the one hand, and on the other hand, it caused healing of some sore points, quite incidentally, without me being aware of which points they were. It didn’t matter at all, it was simply beneficial. It amazed me so much how He managed to be focused on His mission and at the same time was able to give me His full attention again and again. This realisation touched me even more deeply and made me cry even more. Now I heard Him say: “Keep your eyes fixed on me! In me lie hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. If your eyes remain fixed on me, darkness has no power over you!” Suddenly He bent down to me and pulled me up to Himself and placed me in front of Him on His horse. His white-gold cloak enveloped me and I felt deeply safe, although I was aware that we would now ride into the darkness together. Yet it did not frighten me at all, for my place was with Him and I was secure in Him and I was deeply certain: He had long since won the victory. We would be victorious together in every challenge that would come our way. And I feel that this image is for us, His children. He wants to remind us that our place is with Him, and that it is important to be and to stay in His security and together with Him, to carry out our mission, even if the darkness increases more and more around us. When He is by our side we are safe and while we are on the path together with Him, He will lead us into situations where we bring Himself and His light into the midst of the darkness. Through this people will be touched, healed and delivered and will experience and recognise Him and turn to Him. As I write this, the verse comes to mind, “He who loves his life will lose it, but he who gives up his life for my sake will gain it!” And I feel that it is becoming more and more important to focus our lives on Him and on His mission in order to stand in the time to come.

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