The royal sceptre

Proverbs 18:21
Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and he who loves it will eat its fruit.

While I was in adoration before the Father, I experienced a tremendous calm. It was a remarkable calm, and for quite a while nothing moved, and I just enjoyed this peace that this calm brought, and I immediately realised that I was strengthened by it. The father said, “We are not agitated here. There is no excitement here, regardless of what is happening in the world right now. We (the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit and the heavenly hosts) have everything under control.” While he was speaking to me, he handed me a sceptre and said, “I have given you the sceptre of authority. I have called you, the people, to subdue the earth, and I have given you the authority to do so. You are called to rule.” As he spoke to me, I saw that he put a sceptre in the hands of all his children. He continued, “Use this sceptre wisely and do not be tempted to use it to cause destruction that I have not foreseen. Whenever you use it, come to me for guidance as Moses did. This sceptre is like the staff of Moses. With it comes great responsibility. Always remember that your battle is not against flesh and blood.” Now I saw that a flame of fire was poured out on each of his children. And I felt that this was the fire of authority, of the fear of the Lord, of passion and of the love of God. I also saw a jet of fire coming out of the mouths of each one, like a fire-eater, and I heard the Father go on to say, “You have not really internalised how much power your words have until now. But in this time that is coming, it is more important than ever that you understand the great power of your words. Your words can bring destruction or blessing. In fact, they should bring both blessing and destruction. Blessing for the people, destruction over the evil in the world. Therefore, do not forsake the old ways: do not condemn others, forgive that you may be forgiven, forgive others their trespasses, overcome evil with good. You stand on holy ground, and I have called you that every land on which you tread with the soles of your feet is your land. Therefore, treat it with care. Treat the people with care. I gave my own Son for the people because I love them so much, and I do not want even one to be lost. Therefore, do not abuse your gifts. Do not abuse your authority.” Then I heard him tell me to raise my sceptre and proclaim that we as a family will have enough to eat in the coming time, that we will have enough fellowship, that we will have enough financial resources. I then did so and proclaimed his provision in each of these areas. He pointed out to me that in the coming time it will be more important than ever that we take our eyes off the things that are happening in the world and fix them on Him. He said we should stay close to Him because there will be more shakings. These shakings are necessary for what really endures to endure. And if we focus on Him, we will survive these shakings. During this time, there remained this peace, this calm, this source of strength. I felt that we still have a little time to realign ourselves, to reposition ourselves, to sort out things that stand between the Father and us before the next quake comes. Let’s use this time to seek Him and clear out the things that do not honour Him and walk in His authority to make a difference in this world.

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  1. Moses says:

    Amen amen my precious one 💖 this message is so powerful thank you for sharing it with us

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