The Dark Room

The dark room

This morning I was praying for a sister and I asked the Father to show me her as He sees her. Suddenly the Father showed me a very beautiful big house. It reminded me of a castle. It was very grandly furnished and flooded with light. It had many large rooms with all the doors open. The Father and I were walking hand in hand. When suddenly He stopped with me in front of a room whose door was locked. He only let me have a very brief look into this room. It was a very dark room. I could see just enough to see that the room was furnished. But all the furniture was covered with black blankets and the windows were also drawn with thick heavy curtains. The father told me that this was the room where this sister had locked away her pain from past experiences because it just hurt her too much to be reminded of it. My heart was immediately filled with compassion for this sister and I felt some of her pain. I could have cried myself. And I heard the father say, “It is time. Are you ready to let me into this room?” “Are you ready to give me access to this room?” “Do you dare trust me to uncover the right things at the right time; and that I know exactly what is needed at this moment to make you whole and free?” What was interesting was that in between I couldn’t tell if this was about the sister or about me and I realised that this is a thing that affects many of us and not just this one sister.
I could feel that for some of us it was already very painful to even open that door to the Father. And I could hear and also feel a cry of pain when the sister decided to let the father in. But the very fact that the father was granted permission was the first step towards healing and liberation. I could also see that the father took His child by the hand and both entered the room together. The Father was very gentle and His mere presence already filled the room with light. Deep inside I knew that the Father would not take the covers off the furniture or the windows without the child’s consent, but would wait for the child’s consent for each piece of furniture. Already I could see that this room was beautifully furnished. Under one blanket I could see that there was a grand piano with white legs underneath. And I knew immediately that the more this child would be willing to have one blanket removed after another, and also to encounter some pain from the past once again in order to receive healing, that in the same measure, treasures would open up and new abilities and gifts would emerge.
I also felt a gentle urgency emanating from the Father. Although He did not speak at that moment, I knew that the Father wanted to move on with this child, that new things were waiting for him, but that in order to enter into the new, it was necessary to allow another process of healing and liberation by the child giving the Father access to that room.

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