It is time!

As I went into prayer today, I suddenly saw in my mind’s eye, to my left and right, those whom we would call the cloud of witnesses, receiving me with honour. They were clearly delighted to see me. They said things like, “We appreciate you so much. You were born for a time like this and you’ve gone through all the challenges and struggles and you’re still here and you haven’t given up!” While they were saying these things, I continued towards the throne room where Jesus and the Father were. Some of the witnesses were now kneeling down before me, some were even embracing me. And I heard the words: “People have misunderstood you and misjudged you and I myself have hidden the things I have put in you from them and even partly from yourself. Until now. Your past served to prepare you. But now is the time! My child: it is time!”

All this touched me deeply and I had to cry because so much appreciation was shown to me. In all this I continued to move towards the throne room, towards the Father and towards Jesus and with each step it became brighter and brighter. Suddenly I saw myself in a beautiful radiant white dress and around my neck I wore a red stole. I felt that the Father wanted to show me how He sees me: radiantly beautiful, precious, through the Blood of the Lamb, acceptable. And I heard the Father say, “You are chosen, you are important!” (Later, the English version of the word kept coming to my mind and I suddenly discovered that in the word important, there is the word import and I understood that it was about the Father having implanted or imported into each of us something unique, which we in turn must export. It is not for ourselves, it is to give expression to that and to give it out abundantly).

At that moment I realised that this was what the enemy had been trying to do all my life: He was always and by all means trying to rob me of my worth. But here with the Father, in His Kingdom, I was shown a great deal of esteem, so that even heavenly beings knelt down before me. Still deeply touched by all this, I suddenly saw myself kneeling before the Father’s throne and He crowned me. It was a royal crown. Immediately I remembered the verse that He crowns us with grace and mercy. At that moment Queen Esther came to my mind. I realised that at that moment all those present in the room were kneeling before the Father and before Jesus, except for two mighty angels who were standing like guards around the thrones. As I raised my head a little I now saw that to my left and right thousands of women dressed in white and wearing red stoles were kneeling and also being crowned. It was breathtaking. Each of these women was beautiful and excellent. And although we were all dressed in red and white, I saw that we were all a little different from each other. On some I saw shades of blue, on others something like gold dust. But we all had one thing in common: a deep passionate love for Jesus our King and the resulting fierce determination to give ourselves completely to Him. That in turn gave off such a beautiful gentle and at the same time very powerful atmosphere. And I couldn’t really smell it, but I knew we were all giving off a beautiful fragrance. Another thing that was noticeable was that our lips were bright red. When I asked the Lord why that was, He said, “Your words are purified by the blood of the Lamb! Therefore, your words are full of authority!” He continued speaking as He raised a golden glittering staff, “Beloved daughters: arise! Arise! Let go of the past! It is time. The fields are white for harvest! Take your place and rule with your authority given by me, each one of you in your place. I have tested you and purified you and I have found you faithful. I will put you before more!” We were all still in a daze from what had happened and there was such a beautiful, sacred bond between us. And each one of us was ready to respond to the Father’s call, each one separately and yet in absolute unity with one declared purpose: to honour Him, to honour Jesus, the King of Kings, who had laid down His life for us all so that we ourselves could live and be made whole and make Him known. And we all knew that with Him and the bond He had created between us, no thing would be impossible for us.

Addendum: I don’t know if this word stands mainly for the daughters of God or for the bride. However, I know from my own experience that the enemy has been diligent with many daughters to rob them of their value and thus their destiny. Therefore, I believe that it is on the Father’s heart that this esteem that has been shown to me, that each of His children, each of His daughters, can receive it. These words that He spoke to me, He speaks to you personally dear reader, if you receive them believingly in your heart. Each of His children is of inestimable value and if we internalise this value believingly, then the things that we compare ourselves with others and any trench warfare may stop, because only together are we strong! As I write this, the verse from Matthew 12:25 comes to mind: “If any kingdom be divided against itself, it is made desolate; and if any city or house be divided against itself, it cannot stand.

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